Flash game Qwerty Warriors

Qwerty Warriors a basic set shot on reflex

If you're a fan of games pistol, here is one that will most certainly delight. This game is both a game of skill, rapidity and veil. In "Qwerty warriors" are you going to show your mastery of alphabet but also all Letter keys are on your keyboard. It is a game in which you are calling to recognize and reproduce mechanically words. The principle is to retype the words on your keyboard going to spin a the notch at the feet of your enemies in the shortest possible time. You're an ace keyboard?

Now the game starts and shows your talents to everyone. The game comes up and your enemies show has the guts. It takes a thousandth of a second for your big brain g denies recognize the word once you have recognized the word, reproduce it on your keyboard then press the Enter touch to shoot him.

If the word tap t correctly, the enemy will you by the automatic fire, then the game continues. This is the same principle throughout this great game of clock. What is there more beautiful than he could kill his enemy just by typing a word, without even touching a gun. Write all words that match all your enemies in the shortest possible time.

Survive as long as possible. If you are in difficulty, you can use your bonus available to regain lives. You can also shoot bombs to explode, which will make more of GATS and kill many of your enemies at once.

IF the game gets tough, or if you need a break, press the Ctrl key to open the pause menu. You can change the quality of the images, the volume, or quit the game from the pause menu.

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