Flash game Sumo Slam

Sumo Slam a fighting game unusual & funny

Faces the Sumos in this hilarious fighting game! Come have a good time while having fun in the game sumo slam part of the most remarkable and very exciting games sumo. D tending and fun, you will feel like in China and participate in a sumo tournaments, you're going to reach and you do not'll realize the passing of time. Sumo Slam is a game of Chinese traditional wrestling sport in which fighters must fight. The game is to roll in a arena and the goal is to bring down his opponent or put it out of the arena to be the winner.

Sumo slam guarantees you a pleasure and of tent you will not regret it, you will spend great moments ca company. Enters the game by clicking play and choose a game mode among the three that you are about s: the journey mode in which you cross the world sumo land and you must occupy the first place in each level, the multiplayer mode in which you can play with friends, ca d depends on the number of players with whom you want to play from 1 to 4 and the endurance mode where you must defeat all of sumo as you can. Embodies a sumo and trying to push your opponents off the arena to win the fight.

You will be 4 fighters, who will be alone on the track won the game, but to be the champion he will need to win 5 rounds. D to place your player uses the directional arrows on the keyboard to move left to right using the left and right arrows to go ahead and behind or use the arrows at the top and bottom. Treat yourself by playing sumo slam and r ussis to push all your opponents out of the arena in each part and become the champion Posted comp.

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