Flash game Super Fighter Challenge

Super Fighter Challenge for fans of fighting game Melee

Super Fighter is a fighting game in which you embody a great fighter pain! You'll have to beat opponents in the street, kicks and fists, in short, a real fight Karate, where you have to be faster than the opponents to fight, but also to avoid their blows. Your feet and your fists are deadly weapons which you know perfectly serve you. This is great because you will have to confront you has many opponents who want to test you and know what you are able to martial arts level. The green bars at the top of the screen give you an indication of the life you have left, but also that of your enemy.

Be faster and more skilful than themselves. Faces several formidable opponents to the result of a major tournament. The game has 8 characters here. Each possesses its history and style of fighting. Choose one of them and enters the tournament.

You have to win every fight in one round to try to win the trophy e. When you meet an opponent, his attention also do bar Success r and power, this will help you to choose to attack you gonna throw him type. All this in a minimum time. The rapidity will be an asset here n not negligible in this fighting game.

Use arrows keys to ex cuter movements: up to jump, down to lend a hand, to give a left kick, right to give a low kick. Based on the N and M keys to walk. Monitors the bar at the bottom of the screen.

When it reaches its highest level, supports the space for such a cuter shot sp cial bar. Press the B button to block attacks from your opponent.

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