Flash game Super Sergeant Shooter 2

Super Sergeant Shooter 2 new shooter FPS

Shooting and fight your enemies in FPS Super Sergeant Shooter 2! In the world we live people, we have always been conflicts between countries that have achev s by wars such as World War, the Cold War etc.. All this is often due to the abuse of power or everyone wants to control and g rer everyone. We welcome you once more with a new game release is available ja us on our page. Here Super Sergeant Shooter 2 is a war game that you can contemplate the usual site t45ol.com so you could now join others to play online for free. In this game you'll have to embody Super Sergeant Shooter, a sergeant sp cial assault brigades and its mission is to clean an abandoned warehouse but has t occupied by the enemy mercenaries.

In principle, the objective of this fabulous game is to make a dry cleaning that is to say it is to shoot all along your way through all levels of corridors that are dangerous and places where d disguise enemy snipers could arise anywhere and at any given time. There are various powerful weapons that you can use to kill diff ent enemies you meet. Trying to survive the fighting and find the exit on each level.

By cons for r achieve this task risk lev e, you need to have you 3 weapons you find and as a measure of the mission of the game To play, use the arrows of the keyboard or the WASD keys to move to. Press the "TAB" button to view the map, the "CTRL" key to action, "ESC" key to return to Menu and then finally the space bar to shoot at enemies. Help Sergeant for Success r mission.

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