Flash game Torpedo Joe

Torpedo Joe a shooter unusual & funny

Joe torp do is a shot of the game c lebre movie anim Joe cartoon. In this game, you play the role of a hunter, who is charged to shoot the fish, dolphins and seals. Boats travel throughout the year oc in search of fish and other underwater animals. They truisent of the species.

Your main objective will be to destroy the most fish and others. You earn points for each animal underwater you r ussis a touch with your torpedoes. To play use the mouse to point your gun in the direction of your target and latch your shot at the right time to touch.

The task will not be easy, fish and other animal perform stealth exits and you must avoid to pull the boats do not lose your points gained ja s. Calculates the position of the seal also to touch them with your torpedoes. Boats progressing at a speed faster or slower. You have to calculate their distance to know at what time your torpedo launch. Do not miss any of your shots. Choose the good times for d trigger. Your number score is displayed on the right side of the screen and the level of play in the middle.

Your objective is to kill as many fish and other possible. You will not be limited by time, so you only focus on your goals. Calculate their position and distance of your torpedoes trigger at the right time.

Avoid pulling on the fishing boats or you will lose the game. Uses a good technique to know at what point you have to send your torpedo. Sometimes dolphins and other species underwater carry outlets in the air before diving underwater.

Calculates the position to send your underwater torpedo to their direction. Control your mouse by directing your cannon to their direction, look if there are no boats that appears before shooting. Earns the most points by killing more fish and other to complete the level and move on to the next.

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