Flash game Vegas Invader

Vegas Invader shooter and action

D covers Vegas Invader, boarded a ship and destroy parts of destructive birds in Las Vegas!

You're a fan of classic games, here's one you'll certainly cial appr. Vegas Invader (invaders Vegas) is a classic cover absolutely superb ad on our portal flash game.

In this flash game, you are charged to defend the city of Las Vegas an attack of aliens. For those who do not know well, Las Vegas is the largest city in the United States, is one of the best holiday destinations. So imagine many of Gâts that the destruction of this city could result. Your main objective is to prevent at all costs that the disaster occurs. An alien unscrupulous has given the order to destroy birds of all cities in the world to supply his ship with fuel.

Get in your ship and destroy parts of these destructive birds before it is too late.

How to play a Vegas Invader?

Use the mouse to move your ship lat ally. Click the left button of your mouse to shoot. If you are a touch "egg ½", you lose a point of energy, and if you're a bird touch, you lose 2 points of energy. Your ship is equipped with an anti-missile shield that protected the enemy attacks you then you can activate it by pressing the space bar.

Collect bonuses throughout the game at every level. This feels pr game graphics and tres chic colors, sound effects lirants of a game very reminiscent of shooting fun with some nostalgia the first Space Invader. It's fun, though r alis and first levels keep coming slowly but the game r serve as a progressive difficulty and as you advance.

A wonderful masterpiece classic ad cover now. Let's play, good luck and have fun yourself!

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