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Fatal Road trip, thank you without a battle which promises

The roads today are still not very welcoming especially when crossing the largest in the world is ... The biker was pr had come but it is brave he has known no other before that he had through the Golf Mexico, for its pirates could r f roces, it was also pass by the Antarctic f ROCit known for its Bear, he also experienced the most hostile territory in the world in the heart of the slums of Mexico. This time it is in the middle of a road biker is that ours is attacked by a group of armed robbers s also motorcycle. For r sister he needs our help, because they are many, and f roces s arm. The more you advance the more you then be able to improve your b am cane. To advance of truis your opponents and collect the oil they leave behind them otherwise you risk you quickly find a court, and it could bring you pr judices (especially in its conditions).

Also take the maximum bonus on the way and do not loupes, they will allow you to improve your weapons and am v your vehicle. Earning points you can exchange your speeds b cane truck blinqu ultra strong, and it is rather ca int esting for a man who take risks standards on the most dangerous land routes.

How to play Mortal Travel on the road

Click play to the left abutment of the game control among the Biker using your mouse up down on the carriageway then e is your target with the mouse and press the left mouse button to shoot.

Click left on continuously and then shop on the equipments of your choice and buy to buy. Valid back and play.

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