Flash game Wild wild west

Wild wild west Wild West adventure point and click

Come experience a thrilling adventure that will immerse you in the inimitable atmosphere of the Wild West. Wild Wild West is a game shoot very int esting. Eliminate all those who may disturb the tranquility of the inhabitants of this village of the Far West. Play online cowboy, join our community of passionate players and become the s Sh rif of the city.

Must for all Western Desperados Web. You'll be able to accomplish many things in this game as complete as fun, offering various kinds in one. The principle of the game is simple: just aim and shoot with the mouse on those who make over you. Once you have used all your bullets, go pick one that you are given.

Permit for dead on the edge of an unfamiliar city, you need to complete all kinds of missions to cover the v laughed about what happened to you. Tracking fugitives, escorting civilian and meets a host of characters in varied environments s: plains of serves, mountains enneig es. The objective is to eliminate the cowboys and Indians that arise al 'screen. Three game modes are available A good western game for you to tread for the job. You find yourself with your r volver a 5 shots.

The aim and kill as many Indians, cowboy and bandits. Good luck. To laugh of the game, click the "Play" button, and then choose your level of difficulty: easy or medium or hard or very hard, then click again on the "Play" button. Relive the adventure in the Wild West Wild Wild West game to your cot s pr fr actor Will Smith and eliminates all opponents. But remember especially the golden rule, do not shoot anything that moves.

Good luck cowboy.

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