Flash game Zany Attck

Zany Attck a shooter Platform

D truis all m alien songs happens on you! D be rolling in space Zany Attack is a very fun game in which you have to destroy tiny beasts as h risson and rabbits to win the game. R To succeed you have to aim well and do not miss your target, you only focus on the target. Each target is worth a certain number of points.

For each target that you reach, you can earn points and increase your level score. Your player is positioned at the bottom of the screen in pink, thine enemies make a line above and send you small bubbles. Avoids getting hit by the bubbles they throw you do not lose a life. To play use the arrows on the keyboard to direct your player from left to right, press the space button on your keyboard to send small bombs to their direction. For each target you r ussis has achieved, you can earn points.

You have three lives that you should keep to not lose the game. If you touch your enemies with bombs they throw you three times the game will be finished. D up your player to the right positions; under your enemies and makes your shots to destroy the d. Especially do not miss your shots. Dodge the bombs that you throw at you to quickly placing on COTS and aims with precision pr.

From time to time a dog ronaute appears, takes over to win a commentary extra life. You should also be very fast, the enemies move towards your direction, stop them reaching up to your level. D you up, makes your shots, bombs and fast truis all for acc der the next level.

You will not be limited by time, but your enemies are advancing rapidly, especially fast to kill you and wins.

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