Flash game Zombie erik

Zombies trash erik a game for fans of the undead

You'll play the role of a zombie in this game. You are infected by a zombie bite owing, but before you completely turn-mart in alive, you cides to avenge you and you start a fire without stopping. eliminates all the zombies before they kill you. Control the game with only the mouse to aim and shoot by clicking the left button.

Point your weapon using the red viewfinder and latch the sequences of shots. The zombies move very quickly and does not remain in place. To anticipate their investments to achieve. Some will be difficult to kill, performs sequences of shots to eliminate them. Do not let the zombies arrived s up to your height. Of you realize the latch of your shot aimed with precision pr.

Avoid missing your shots as to not waste your ammo. The goal is to kill a maximum of zombie, skeleton and even alien arm s knife. You are armed with a pistol, the game takes place in a horrible place and very hostile; aliens as well as very dangerous watches await you. Monsters when they are not you s back but way too fast. You have to avoid getting hit by the walking corpses, or you'll see your standard of living decline. Ahead with caution and actually played your talents shooter of lite.

Zombies attack you and you give blows to try to kill you. You have to defend your life against these very dangerous monsters. Your standard of living is seen in part sup higher the screen in red.

The aim of this game is to stay alive as long as possible, r resistant to attack by the living dead, skeletons and other cr atures night.

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