Flash game Dress Up Shop Summer Collection

Dress Up Shop Summer Collection arcade and simulation

D covers the arcade and simulation Dress Up Shop Summer Collection and runs a clothing store!

For all lovers of arcade games, here's one that will definitely please you. Dress Up Shop Summer Collection is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat arcade games. The principles of this game are simple and the grip is fairly easy. In this game, you direct a clothing store and you're loaded to satisfy the desires of customers entering the store. Of a client enters, goes directly join to see what she d sire and go get him.

The game is accompanied by several levels.

How to Play a Dress Up Shop Summer Collection?

Any edge launches game by clicking on the image of the game then click the "Play" button that appears in pink on your screen game The game screen will display three pretty girls all dressed well es.

After having clicked on the "Play" button in the first game screen, another screen appears, it displays only one girl dressed in red e. You'll have to click again on the "Play" button to play. In terms of game controls, you have no need of your mouse to play. For you to make the character, click on it. And to pick an accessory, you just have to look well and then go take it.

Customers come constantly, so it's a you do the best you can as quickly as possible to avoid being cluttered. The only difficulty of the game is looking objects s ​​demand. You need to be very careful and have a good eye observer to notice that you are asked.

Immediately starts a party and watch your quality s good seller in this super fun and entertaining game. Let's play!

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