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1 against 1 Foot Br sil, a duel approach of a global madness

Football is the most played sport in the world, and many passionate person every corner of the planet and as you dear football fans the world know that this is ann e Br sil that will is to ride. Br sil, the country of football, Ronaldinho and many other legends the. Come play this game that will be a taste of what awaits you this summer! Duels has no end, the goals of all côt s. You think you're the new Messi or Ronaldo?

Then just try to win all the duels alone or two! In this game unlike in the r alit there is no fault, you can jump, push, anywhere, anytime as the sole purpose of scoring! But be careful you do not catch the time is counted and the goal now is to qualify for the World Cup football. For that you also become a community Legend has the tone scale.

How to play against 1 to 1 Foot Br sil

First left click on the arrow and then read on a game mode or a number of players and the arrow to stumble to the game. Left click on the small arrows to s SELECT A champion and great to continue. Football wins the match by using the arrows on your keyboard: arrow right = move right, left arrow = move left, arrow up = jump.

Player 2 use the keyboard letters: A = move left D = move right W = jump. To restart it enough for you to res SELECT A player.

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