Flash game Air Ball

Air Ball sport game, soccer and agility

Trying to get the highest score in Air Ball, a great sports game, football and agility!

For all fans of sport balls, this game will be your true moment of pleasure and of attempts by its simplicity and its landscape. You will be a little guy who'll juggle his head balloons will be launched s as long as possible. The s are launched balloons balls soccer basketball, tennis etc.. You have to jump with your head and pushes the ball in the air as far as possible to give time and then captures the recovery again in the air so on.

How to play Air Ball?

To play you must use the following keys; the left mouse button to jump and push the ball towards the sky and made to move or place the man with a mouse. The balloons are launched by the cannon s is left, you should be vigilant about the frequency fr launch balls. Also above the screen left you have the timing and the score you earned as and measurement. A good fun game of juggling which asks only keep in the air max bullets it is Air Ball, your new ad game cover. Do not forget that you have several balls outstanding and at the same time in the air so it must be very effective to combine rapidity of placement and strength to launch into the air in order to revive in the air several times at the same time and earn points. Love sports games, you will find your property in this agr ble and easy to play game.

Play several times and become an ace game by sharpening your strat gy and your game D m mechanism relies your friends by sharing your best scores to compare with your friends the best score and play the champion.

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