Flash game Euro Headers

Euro Headers a football game or must use his head

Football is a team sport that is played on a football field or 90m 120m 120m 120m which are international dimensions. It is played with two teams of 11 days each with a guard and other players. On the football field must be technical, have dribbling and have a good pr decision to score goals has the opposing team.

As in many sports the goal is to get the ball into the goal of the opposing team and score the goal so your opponent to win. Euro headers is a game of football a little differ from the usual football, he played on a football field but the rules are similar to the limit of the tennis diff with some differences of course. In euro headers were well a football and ca is played on a football field with one player in each team or if you want you can choose the option of two players is a you see.

The first thing to do is to choose the option of the game, that is to say one or two players per team, once that is done choose your team, the team of the country in which you want play. Several countries will be about s, Holland, France, Portugal, Spain, brief several countries in Europ. Do not forget that you are playing the Euro! Click to go back in the game! Once inside, your opponent will hit the ball with a header, you also hit the ball with a header and returns the ball to the other cot the center line. Prevents the ball enters your goals or it falls in your camps, and to score points makes entering the goals or fall of the cost of your opponent.

Careful two ball can happen at the same time! Be careful and do not leave any ball fall into your camp or enter your goals, wins and goes to another level. Good game!

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