Flash game Global Championships

Global Championships reference of the football game on platform

Facing a team in a football match on the half court in Global Championships. Football is a team sport between two teams of eleven players in a stadium. The objective of each course is to put a digital sphere ball in the goal without using arms, and do it more often than the other team. In this game sports football, you face an opponent team on a half of land in 3 against 4. You have got three attackers and have to deal with three defenders and the goalkeeper of the opposing team. Starts with s lectionner your team among the 20 teams in the game Each team is a website designers. Then choose your difficulty level between Amateur and Professional.

Finally towards the ground. Once kick siffl sending everything goes very quickly. You must click somewhere on the ground to place yd player possessing the ball. Click on a player from marked to pass him. Click in cages foot to shoot on goal.

Careful because the defenders to rise very quickly and is easy to board. Expects them to investment not to lose the ball. Global Championships is a pretty original game with a frame reminiscent of the football game and grip not obvious that n BLINDNESS several attempts.

But as sporting event only victory counts. So take orders from your team do your opponents one by one and won the prestigious honor to cut your whole city. The stands are filled with spectators all surexcit s and atmosphere reminiscent of the great meetings league champions. Be the best. Ultimately the attainment is sublime, while pixel art, with excellent sound effects.

A d cover for all football lovers. Have fun!

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