Flash game Puppet Soccer 2014

Puppet Soccer 2014 game of football, agility and arcade

Mene your country win the World Cup 2014 in Puppet Soccer 2014 game of football, agility and arcade!

Found the greatest football players, the colors of the country of your choice and leads to the victory of the World Cup 2014! Embodies the french ZZZ, Chris Rollo Portuguese, German Schwemtagi, and Silien br Yeman, the biggest soccer stars on the planet!

How to play a Puppet Soccer 2014?

To play Puppet Soccer 2014, click on "Play"! If you would like to participate in all phases of the world cup with your team, click on the green arrow. Otherwise you can choose to play a game against a friend on the same computer by clicking the button with two players.

If you click on the green arrow, you'll see the game statistics (silent is 0 if this is your first game). Before anything else you need to click on the button at the bottom right to select the team to which you want to play this World Cup. Click on the flag of the country that you would like to submit represented, then the date with which you want to play (if this is your first game, many players will be Blocked s: you can buy with the money r colt in your parts). Once your chosen player, click the green arrow to attack your first pool match! Each match lasts 90 seconds. For you to score a goal with your player!

To control, use the directional arrows on your keyboard, to shoot, to use the space bar! Once near the ball, a green arrow will appear: Adjust your shot and press the spacebar to shoot! Malus or bonus may appear: sends the ball over to bn acquirable or inflict to your opponent!

Cheminw gum, Snail and springs will be waiting for you to turn football games into clashes spades!

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