Flash game Shot Football Training

Shot Football Training sport game and football

Tries to score the most goals in Shot Football Training, play sports and football!

Enters a corner of comp Posted in Shot Football Training, a football game and all superbly r alis 3D cover ad on our portal online flash game. Almost all countries of FIFA are represented shall with real player names and originality of this game is that you control the attackers and also the goalkeeper. Be pr cis because this game does not leave the square error

How to Play a Shot Football Training?

A turn to play, you alternate between two game modes: an attack mode and a D defense. Attack mode, the game is played in two phases: initially, you control the shooter at the corner flag, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust the firing angle and direction of the ball, then rest appuy the space bar to adjust the power of the shot. The player shoots and cam ra d place to place at the entry e r surface preparation, just behind the striker. In the second time, then you control the striker who is anxiously awaiting the ball from his teammate co. Based on the arrows on the keyboard to move to the attacker, move it to the place indicated on the screen by a circle, this is the point where the ball should happen.

Then press the spacebar to hit the ball flight e or head. In D mode defense, you control only the goalkeeper and you are the last bastion of your team: Use the directional arrows on your keyboard to put on the line, then presses on the spacebar + the arrows keys to dive and stop the ball. The atmosphere of the game is almost identical to that of a football stadium, it's hyper realistic r, we believe it yourself.

Good luck!

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