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Welcome to Sport-Football-Head, the game offers you to experience the passion of the most popular sport in the world, football. In this game, you should proud of the biggest stars in football has experienced namely among other players such ric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Baggio, Zidane, Maradona and especially the'' King'' Pele. The goal is simple, you have to measure each in turn to these stars to be able to access der to the next level and fill the diff ent of which made you be given s. The characters are represented shall in part by players which will be observed by their physiognomy that the head and feet During your face to face, you can eliminate your enemies using a bonus that physically alter the shape of your ball, or change the path with effects more or less rapid and routants or amplify your physical capacity s. To you, therefore, to use these effects to your advantage you may overtaken by your opponent. The manual of this game of runs as follows: you direct your player via the directional buttons that will allow you to t ter in the direction you want but be careful! To rewind the players would accrue backwards. You use the Space key to shoot with your foot.

A list of individual securities conquest er is put at your disposal so that you can to finish what s your personal capacity. There is however a multiplayer composed of 2 persons mode or you have the possibility to be able to have fun with a friend. Therefore, you can not says no more, so just satisfy your curiosity by coming face the biggest stars in the history of football and why not of the enthroned king Pele. Have fun

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