Flash game Super Headers

Super Headers a soccer game for the lovers of this sport

Come to tread this new game of football! Sport is a physical activity practiced individually or collectively with e purpose of recreation, Posted comp or hygiene of life. If you are a passionate football or you love sports games, you'll surely appr cial this football game. Headers is a great sports game and football m lange which has both arcade and football.

The goal is very simple. You have to help Stan to goals by head shots without the ball touching the grass R ussis to do heads and flight and are fighting your opponents goal difference to win the trophy e. The balloons are launched out to you and this is a place for you to you to intercept them in the air and lead with your head towards the opposing goal. You have got a non-negligible advantage because the n opposite camp has no goalkeeper. You butes of the level 1 seems easy enough, but you will realize that the second level is less. Indeed sometimes two balloons launched you will s and none of them should touch the ground.

Concentrate max and be very clever to do to drop the balls. If they hit the ground three times, you people off. Your score is displayed at the bottom of your screen game To begin, click the Play button.

This game is played with the lat eral arrows on your keyboard. D up your player to the left or to the right depending on the point of dropping the ball. Remember that at the end of 3 balls on the ground, it's Game Over. And you will be obliged to take any of the goal. Can you turn all your trials and become the new Messi scorers the head?

Come try your luck.

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