Flash game The champions 07

The Champions 07 football game

Come quickly to cover The Champions 07, super soccer game!

You're a fan of sports games? And very pr cis ing football games? Here is an online flash game that you'll surely love it. This game is a flash r r explains ussia of what happens in a game. "The Champions 07" is a sports game at the same time fun, entertaining and captivating. Come a little measure your ability s good player in this magnificent opus r alis sp cially for amateur and amateur football.

The principle is simple in this game You're amen replay the final of the European Champions Cup in 2007 in "The Champions 07." Any edge of the sick game by clicking on the image. Then you must choose your club pr fr between the two clubs in the final Milan or Liverpool. The game is played against a 4 4 from a top view.

How to play The Champions 07?

During the match, the player you control is indicated by a yellow arrow.

Use arrows keys to move your player d. Change player when you are no longer in possession of the ball automatically. When you have the ball, heading straight toward the goal to shoot and try to score. Supports the X button to make a pass. To shoot, just based on the C key the game finishes with a lev your opponents to win the game score.

If your opponent wins the game again until you win. You have the possibility to change the story then took the opportunit. A very beautiful realization r for a football game fun and very pleasant with sound effects very well rendered.

Watch the new Golden Ball Cristiano Ronaldo you're better football player than him. To you to play now!

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