Flash game VR Soccer

VR Soccer football game and agility

Come take a super match in VR Soccer, soccer game and agility!

The game of football is one of the most played games in the world s. This game is a flash r r explains ussia of what happens in a game. Do you like sports games?

You're brilliant football strat gies and training b tone is gold, then just a little measure your ability s good player in this magnificent opus r alis sp cially for amateur and amateur football. "Vr Soccer" is a sports game, he took one of the most known and most took s sports in the world. You have the chic r succeed whatever you undertake, you're a coach, if a player hell, just try this wonderful game of football and r is your classic to see if you have beautiful remains. The principle is very exactly the same as a football field.

You have eleven players and eleven opponents. The game begins in the middle; you have to evolve your players in the green belt which is to roul sp cially for them, control the ball and the players passing, the ball down, the moves, and shooting for esp rer put the ball background opposing camps. THE principle remains the same.

How to play a VR Soccer?

You can direct your players using the keys fl ch es keyboard, to make them go left, right, up or down. You can also use the X button to access the Manage and increase the pace of the race of the player, and C to change the active player.

Mene the ball to the net of the opponent and score points. Make passes, this is the best way to keep the ball. Finished the game with a lev your opponents to win the game score.

Good luck!

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