Flash game Aliens Attack

Aliens Attack arcade game Space Invaders Type

Just Eliminate the invaders in Aliens Attack, super arcade space invaders-type game!

Aliens Attack is a classic shooting game. The game runs in the space of one arm and e aliens try to attack your base for conquest er you. Several rank are tiny alien soldiers on Advancing your position and you send missiles.

Do not let them grow up above your level, Otherwise you lose the game.

How to play Aliens Attack?

Post your ship is at the bottom of the screen and you can control it using the directional arrows on the keyboard from left to right. Press space bar to trigger of your missiles and truis them all. Plays the role of a genuine v warlord control your ship, Makes the missile by pressing relentlessly very Quickly on the spacebar.

Do no miss of your targets, empty spaces are Situated between the rank s are aliens, of place and position your ship in a row e invaders and trigger your ad starts firing missiles. D e destroyed EACH ROW. The aliens aussi Progressing on your position, if you let 'em get up to your position, the game ends. You earn for every point you predator of truisms.

You Will aussi-have a total of three lives and you'll-have to deal Carefully, if an alien missile touches you or if aliens come to your height you lose in one. The rank aliens are very aussi Progressing Quickly, so you-have no time to lose, control your ship and direct it to the target, follows the movements from left to right all by launching your missiles On Their position. Do you mostly do not be fooled by the Launched missiles, do not dodges getting hit. Uses a technical good to slow Their progression begins with the First row to destroy Then are chained with the second, and so on Until The Eliminate all and very quickly.

Good luck!

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