Flash game Rocket Game

Rocket Game and game shooting space invaders

Just Eliminate your enemy in Rocket Game, great game and shooting space invaders!

You're a fan of shooters? You love to erase the target and reach goals difficulties? You Will not be trying this beautiful ls shooter. "Rocket Game" is a shooter not too difficulty to play, the USSI design st. In this game you are a pilot of space and you willing to ship a beautiful triangular shaped rocket.

The gameplay is very simple. You're in space, wandering freely p nard, aim enemy ships come to your counter and want to destroy your ship. You must stop 'em Before They get there by shooting' em. Either your enemies are crazy or too tm rary. They must all p er, you'll punish the Point That They Will regret HAVING Measured its you.

How to play a Rocket Game?

To get you in Their wake you can use the keys fl ch es. Use the keys fl ch es left and right to rotate your ship left and right to put you in the wake of an enemy. Once you're in front of an enemy, use the space bar to fire. If the enemy ships you manage to inflict the dr G√Ęts It Will for reduce your health. Try to kill them before They get a draw, it Would Be wise on your part. Drive your ship HAS beautiful aerodynamic shape of triangular arrow of gum all enemies on your way and Become the master of space in the shortest feasible time.

Each enemy you earn You Will ments of extra points. Explodes all enemy ships to get lev score. You do not-have unlimited ammunition are, it Would Be f pr better not waste too. The game is over when you're short of rockets so do not waste it.

Have fun!

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