Flash game Space Fighter

Space Fighter arcade game Space Invaders Type

Tries to come to the end of all your enemies in Space Fighter arcade space invaders-type game and agility! You like space? You Would Have the opportunity to drive a vessel in the wide space and cover distant worlds? This game Gives you the opportunity, with an incalculable number of obstacles. Will you be ble to enjoy your trip odd facing p rip all parts waiting for you? "Space fighter" is a super fun shooting game. The principle is of unparalleled simplicity.

You travel in space aboard your airship through a ronef HAS ar Retro air thrusters. The game map APPEAR Good Will chunks ast oids. You have to control tone so ronef difficulties lead and try to explode the ast oids Before They happen in you. If your ship is hit by oids ast, it Will Be Has To faillances damaged and begin to manifest. How to play a Space Fighter? Use the keys fl ch es to live a ronef.

The up and down buttons allow you to move the ship up and down, left and right keys You Will rotate the ship left or right. The ship is propelled by propellers Retro rs loaded in compressed air. They Will allow you to put in the climbs. You diff annuities ammunition to come to the end of mt ORITES. You have the basic laser, All which you can activate by pressing the x button.

To use it Effectively you-have to be face to face with a vessel. Otherwise your shot of sintegrera simply and You Will get no points. In addition you-have a high-powered laser plasma bomb That Will explode all ast oids on the game map, and several small diviseras ast oids.

Do not abuse the plasma Because His return is pr judiciable fragments ast oids can aussi come to the end of your ship explodes and so Quickly em the maximum before the end of the game.

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