Flash game Stribog

Stribog shooter Space Invaders Type

Trying to cut enemies in your way Among Stribog shooting game space invaders guy!

You are a genuine follower v shooting games, play Stribog is a shooting game we like. Immerse yourself in a world of work and embodies the character of h ros must arm a year ANTIR e intergalactic well with e Advanced Features technology. You'll be on the edge of your spaceship and you-have to shoot down the aircraft and WAS sr cup rer and aussi The Most gold possible. It is a very int esting That game immerses you in a real world battle of suspense and delusional.

During the game you Will See Quickly That the enemy HAD not loupent you and attack with Some strat gy and They have a diversified armament in order to be on top falling on the game's quality requirements falling on the game all of first true rapidity, a fine strategist for power sink or fake shots and match Both your attack to survive as long as possible. Landscape immerses you in a real battle area. Overhung one of you and there is only Will Be your aircraft in front of you. The attainment is superb, the devices are well made and effects Whatsoever visual or audio r aussi very well lay the context of the game and the battle environment. So at the overall realization r the game very well successful.

How to play a Stribog?

M for the mechanism of the game require That You Will use the arrows on the keyboard of your computer up to your camera and aussi AVOID enemy fire. To shoot the other, shoulds you press the space bar on your keyboard. Go ahead and show your talent plays pilot and gunner.

If you want you can share your aussi score and show your level of play Good luck and good game!

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