Flash game 3 On 3 Hockey

Discovers the sport on ice team reduced with 3 On 3 Hockey

Come to cover a new way to play hockey by participating in matches against 3 3! Ice hockey is the most appr following e discipline during the Olympic Games. But did you know that ice sports could also be played with a pick and team r ing pr cis 3 against 3? With the game of 3 on 3 Hockey covers the original way to play a game of ice hockey. Before you begin you will have to choose your game mode, you have the choice between an exibition match that is to say, a classic match or start a real tournament like the Olympics. With the tournament mode, you can face up to eight teams diff annuities, each poss ing characteristics of its own character.

Their differences are played gn diff ally at the speed of players, punching power and harmony of the group. To control your players, you're going to serve you mainly directional arrows on your keyboard. Use the UP key to move forward, left and right arrows to turn and the spacebar to shoot the puck.

You have a total of 3 minutes per game so be as fast as possible! Remember, hockey is primarily a contact sport, so do not h site back into your opponents to r cup rer the puck! Game Controls 3 On 3 Hockey: D Place your players using the arrows on your keyboard, a green marker will appear to notify any player you are currently controlling. To skate faster maintain the up arrow appuy e and make a U-turn using the down arrow.

Once you find a nearby cages of the keeper, press the spacebar to send a powerful shot that can not parry.

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