Flash game 8 Baller

8 Baller sports game and agility

8 Baller D covers and covers a set of single player billiard incredible quality!

You always loved games in which you type on things? Here is a flash game very int esting. Pr adorn yourself to live a new experience exp, enough with this original game. 8 Baller is a sports game fun and entertaining.

It is a game of "pool" single player who plays two or more players. You probably know that the pool is very appr it and play almost anywhere in the world. For those who do not know Billiards is a game table has one or more players who practice on a log (e call billiards) edge e tape on which is rolled balls which is also called balls. Billiards is played with the aid of a stick called tail.

The tail can shoot the ball to make it fit into the holes that line the table. 8 Baller is played according to the same principles. A very good sport game balls r very active with amazing graphics. You'll like if you give yourself a try. Have fun then!

How to play a 8 Baller?

The goal is very simple and easy to understand. Your goal is to put all the red balls into the holes, if you put the white ball into a hole, you lose the game. You must send all the red balls into the pockets of the table 6 to win the game. To aim, click anywhere the pool table and move the cursor of your mouse, release the mouse button to shoot.

If you drop the cue ball, you're losing automatically. Trying to win everything with the least number of moves possible and going faster. Good luck!

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