Flash game Arm Wrestling

Arm Wretsling sports game, combat and agility

D covers Arm Wrestling and fight a duel at arm wrestling against a very strong old man!

You know the showdown, just to cover the game Arm Wrestling. In this sports game; you'll lead a duel with an old man very strong. The game is to roll on a table, your opponent an old, thin in appearance but very strong stands in front of you and behind you his arm. You must perform a dual showdown with him.

Your only goal is to twist the arm and make him touch the table. The standoff is a game released in antiquity and today this game is an Olympic sport practiced in all countries of the world. For r succeed your arm must be very strong because it is a sign of strength that you have to lead with your opponent.

How to play a Arm Wrestling?

To play; use the mouse to click on the PLAY button and launch the game Do not get fooled by your opponent because it is very strong. On the right of the screen is displayed e gauge that controls the power of your arm. It goes up and down, waiting for the right moment to laugh of the duel. Click on the arrow at the bottom of the gauge to increase the power of your arm and then click TRY expected that the level of the gauge goes to support your arm and will be more powerful and you can beat your opponent without much difficulty. In Arm Wrestling, you have no time constraint, your only goal is to bring the arms of your opponent on the table.

But for r succeed, you must be very fast and concentrated, observes of scrolling of the gauge at the right time click on the button to quickly wins the duel. The gauge is the only way which will increase the power of your arm very quickly, so do not waste time, click at the right time and win the game, after all it's just an old man will not let you fight then. Good luck!

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