Flash game World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014 football games and precision

Enters the game and leads your country at the end of the comp Posted in World Cup 2014, a great game of football and pr decision! In World Cup 2014, take part in the largest comp Posted football world! Select the country you would like submit represented, and leads it to the end of the comp bution.

Each match is made up of five kicks s shooting each turn. You must establish the correct trajectory to pass esp rer wall and giving the keeper to score a goal! ca will not be easy, every team wants to go as far as possible in the comp bution to honor its supporters. For you to show that you m rites your place in your team! How to play a World Cup 2014? The game is played entirely with the mouse.

To begin, click on Word Cup. Then choose the team that you would like to submit repr. You will now be able to choose if you start the comp Posted in official chicken of the 2014 World Cup, or a hen al random. You'll then be able to face your first opponent.

When it was your turn, begins first by end of the trajectory of your ball, make a left click of finished now the effect you want to give him, make a left click, if you would like to finish the up or pull to the ground, make a left click and then finished with the power of your shot you valideras with a left click. Try to move your ball way ar cup yellow rer paintings: they give power to your shot that will allow you to play with the goal and to the morale of the opposing team down in order to stop esp rer one of their kick.

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