Flash game Fitness Recreation

Recreation Fitness a sport game slides for beginners

Train to Roller in this new sport game slide! As usual, we will always keep the surprises and forget person everyone is benefiting. This time it is for all subscriber s and inline-skaters, here for you Fitness Recr page. This is a sports game more pr cis ment skates which is to cover ad ja now treading water in our portal where you can possibly join us by participating in the online game and it is free and more.

You'll have to embody the young skater who is walking in a beautiful enchanted landscape. The goal of this game is to travel the longest you can make avoiding all along your path barriers available. You have to try to go as far as possible with roller skates. You have to really pay attention to v vehicles on the road, roadwork signs, as well as speed bumps jumping over them and you'll have to bend or stoop you to avoid the strings that are fall trees and also the barriers.

Fitness Recr ation is an adorable, simple and great game and this game also has a fluidity in e gal with graphics that are beautiful. But also with a good realization r big brand Rollerblade by the author. To control the young skater, you should use the arrows of the keyboard more pr cis tion of the arrow up to jump the speed bumps, the arrow at the bottom to avoid the strings enter the trees, and the arrows left and right to go left then right. Come make a good stroll taking in the outgoing pure air of the trees.

Strongly advisable at all! For d abut the race, click the Start Game button. Have fun!

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