Flash game Flash golf

Flash golf, such as golf as you dream

Flash Golf, a game of golf at the top! Become a professional golfer has the image of c lebre Tiger Woods in golf flash. This sports game you will train yourself to golf to perfect your level. Golf is a sport in which you must succeed r has to bring a little white ball into a hole situated a few meters.

To hit the ball, you can use several types of bats that have their cialit sp. Some are made to send the ball to a far distance and others are used to hit the ball to a remote r reduced. In this flash golf you have to use all these bats to succeed r your blows. To play, first observe the surface gazonn e rer to rep the hole in which you must place the ball; it is marked by an e drapelet. Use the mouse to guide your ball to the hole; click on the arrow to take control and click a second time after having well oriented e the ball.

S selects the bat that you will first send the ball very far. To hit the ball, click on the blue button. You must carefully calculate the distance from drapelet with the power of your strikes. Click the blue button and maintains SEATED to increase firepower and click a second time to send the ball. If you r ussis bring a ball with a single keystroke, you score a Strick and you'll earn more points.

Be careful if you hit the ball with a non e measured power, it will come out of the field and get p NALIT s. Oriente well in the direction of the arrow drapelet and hits with good power, taking into account the distance. If you drop the ball into the puddle you will also have p NALIT s. You must assert your punching power and precision for your pr r succeed your blows. Aim with accuracy and precision pr Champion.

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