Flash game FMX Team

FMX Team game and motocross racing

If you like to play games and do things that in real life would be dangerous to do, then you will love has no doubt this magnificent sport game which proposes actions for the less daring. "FMX Team" is a wonderful game of sport, motorcycle. In this game you'll be the combination of a large GP motorcycle rider, you put in appliances motorized s most developed and has r achieve jumps, stunts, acrobatics breathtaking. Thou shalt understand, everything is in the title. You'll be part of a large team of freestyle FMX World e renamed. Your goal is to lead the members of your team to a progressive victory in as complete all the challenges that will be present in person in the levels that you pass through.

How to play a FMX team?

The principle is simple, each pilot of the team has its comp skills and moves. You should use the knowledge of each driver, perform acrobatic figures to complete levels. Each level requires a score to be to pass.

The score may be that augment r alisant aerobatics. Each of these figures yields a diff rent number of points. The hardest naturally figures relate maximum points. Once you have accumulated the required number of points, you can finally go to the next level and meet new d did. Players will race their their gr; you, you will use the num keys are keyboard rot, from 1 to 5 r realize acrobatics, all the more crazy than the other. Now begins the adventure.

As soon as you finish a level, you get experience points for exp am your players improve their capacity and s. This game is fun and well read mod, the graphics are poustouflants and give these bikes immediately want to drive. Take the lead and starts a party, this adventure will keep you out of breath all along the road.

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