Flash game Football Challenge

Football Challenge a sports game for football lovers

You're a follower of football? Then this game is designed for you. Football remains undoubtedly one of the most practiced sports in the world s. It is a sport of team that request technicality and endurance.

In this shooting game, you are laughing int has a stadium full of fans chanting your name endlessly to encourage you. Your mission and to make and transformed a series of penalty kicks s. Your opponent is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. It has exceptional quality s and can anticipate your keystrokes to turn of your keystrokes. Cristiano Renaldo epitomizes the new global gold ball just proud of the goalie and beat him. The crowd cheered and riv you look at your feet, it expects of you as you help your football team has won the match thanks to a series of shots s you gonna do.

The secret to Success r firing penalties is still waiting for the keeper chooses his cot to dive before hitting the cot opposite. Or make a super powerful shot into the top corner, where the it would be very difficult to stop the ball. S selects the area of ​​the net and the angle at which you collided with the ball and finally, the power that you'll gn rer in your post. Make dozens of goals and ridicules the goalkeeper.

To laugh of the game, click on "Start the Game" button. More goals you score, the more points you rack up. The number of points engendr displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

Game time is displayed on the screen situ g ant on the bleachers. Will you be able to achieve the magic r Panenka of french footballer Zinedine Zidane before Buffon the Italian goalkeeper in the final of World Cup 2006.

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