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Hockey All Star Competition, just pass the evidence to join one of the c Lebres NHL teams

The euphoria of the Olympics began to be felt, we count on our French for r lay present in person has this comp Posted! Because it's been four years is expected ca impatiently esp rant that these Olympic Games are a celebration for everyone and especially for France, which has a good chance of m medals in almost all disciplines. But beware the competition will be pr feel. Ice hockey is a sport that is played on an ice rink, it has arrived at the Olympic Games in 1920. The goal of this sport is to send the puck into the goal with the help of his stick.

It is sometimes described as of the world's fastest team sport because the puck can reach incredible speeds. But it can also be a dangerous sport because it contains many contacts that can be brutal. Today you will be part of a recruitment cell, they go t 'evaluate whether you'll be part of the team, for that you'll have to shoot way high pr precise and you'll also have to show your speed on ice. I hope for you that you will be recruited and you can maybe participate in one of the largest global Posted comp.

How to play a Hockey All Star Competition?

To play left click start game, then left click on start whenever evidence. For the first evidence behind and use the spacebar on your keyboard. For the second proof must you use the directional arrows right and left.

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