Flash game Hot Shots

Hot Shots a game of basketball to carry you to kick

Will you have enough luck and large win to start the basketball in a basket perp tual movement? Test your agility dsa pr feels and tries everything to everything. Shooting basketball hoop demand a technicality and precision pr unusual. You have to concentrate and only face the hoop, make real miracles. The mobile cart will move from left to right and you have to anticipate their investments before you throw the ball. You should always run just before the passage of the cart to be sure to score.

Tries to place as many as you can in the allotted time has your exploits. Two parameters will allow you to mark a fail: Masters and pr decision will be your new watchwords. Faced with a basket of basketball of continuous investment, you should use rapidity and have great reflexes r to the target and reach tens of times with your ball.

You're going to anticipate its investments and you will throw the ball at the right time. Yarn needle, things will get tougher as it will oscillate faster and faster, thus leaving you that very little time to act effectively. Puts the maximum shoot in Hot Shoots and passes the record established by Tony Parker. Returns at least ten baskets before time runs out to move to the next level in this great game of basketball.

You can score two points for every basket marked, if you strung two baskets affil s, the second will be worth three points. Choose the right time to launch and sends the ball into the hoop. Just click on the left mouse button to shoot.

A set of rapidity and precision pr for all sport fans and others.

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