Flash game Kumite

Kumite martial arts game

Do you like fighting games, come face very tough opponents in Kumit.

In this game you control a ka karat who faces other fighters in duels. Your fighter wears white kimono and the opponent that you are wearing a kimono fight red. Your objective in the game is to beat your opponent by giving kicks and punches. Each of your opponents has its own technique. You must find a good strat gy which enables you to beat your opponents very quickly.

To control your fighter using the directional arrows on the keyboard. The arrow at the top allows you to jump kicking foot, the bottom give him a punch.

How to play a Kumite?

Control your fighter, waiting for your opponent to advance your position or to advance its leadership in pressing A or S. pr you do not precipitates, waiting for the right moment to trigger the hostility of s otherwise you risk to you surprise your opponent. Dodge the blows he will launch as the correct position, lets kick, quickly and makes your punches and kicks to win the duel.

Monitors also bars situ lives are on the top of the screen, which is the first empty his life bar will lose the fight. Also avoid to cash launched by your opponent's shots, every shot reaches you decrease your standard of living. Kumit is a game in which you'll have to fight relentlessly. As soon as you win your first game, another opponent before you feel pr. Chained blows, dodging enemy attacks to win all your games. You're not limited by time, your only goal is to win the duel not to lose the game.

Concentrate and try to play your fighting skills unparalleled. D trust your opponents and fight all the fighters.

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