Flash game Mini Nitros

Mini Nitros a car game in 3D

In this game, you play the role of a race car driver. Drive a Mini Cooper through diff individual tracks and try to reach the online e arrived as quickly as possible. Take part in a very difficult comp Posted in the countryside where you'll drive a Mini Cooper through diff individual tracks, then crossed the finish line in record time.

Aboard your fireball, you'll r achieve a mini-course on a mini-tour in a very short time. To begin, s v selects your vehicle and personalize r glant specificationsHP level of desire. S selects the track and pr adorn yourself for the race.

Participated in a race on rough roads and accident s campaign, and try to complete all the routes very quickly. quickly hitting the edge of the road, because you'll be slowed down. Before the purpose of stroke should be selected in the garage one of eight cars are about. Each mini character has characteristics diff annuities.

Some have such a better, acceleration, better top speed, endurance of diff rents. Performed after this election you must register has one of the four races are about. Once arrived on the circuit E is the objective of r achieve the best possible.

Outputs drive slow your car, so you need to find r succeed ales id trajectories. So Mini Nitros is a racing game where you must realize r the best time possible between the point of both the e arrived online. To achieve this you should avoid touching a maximum COTS road or you will be slowed down.

Remains concentrated on the road and pass all your old speed records with a pr your decision. Be quick and attentive to realize r exceptional scores that will make you the new driver that gn ration. Good race!

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