Flash game Miniputt Golf

Miniputt Golf reference of the sports game miniature

Sports fan and golf player you'll love the game Miniputt Golf a very fun game. You do not need to be Tiger Woods to play this wonderful game of golf. The originality of this game is that you embody a gu pard call Chester has a desire to reach for in a game of mini golf. Help him to have a good time with her hobby pr fr. In addition, this course runs small model features 18 all.

But you can choose according to your desires is to play only the first 9 holes, which is to play the hole 10 to hole 18 and then practice all the holes in the circuit. In addition, you just play with your friends and have a good time because the game allows you to play up to 4 people. Then, log in and just play this mini golf online. No need to go far or going out to play golf, you Miniputt Golf offers the same possibilities as in you to practice your favorite sport. Only your computer mouse is useful for you to play this game Place your ball on one of the three places of the goal, then left click and you'll see an arrow appear automatically.

Guard is on the left mouse button to meter your shot and directed the arrow to the hole or place where you want to shot you. For agr Menter the game, you have obstacles in the short, so you'll have to use tricks and pr decision to return the ball. Almost 80% of gamers who test the game s have ador this mini golf game on the green. Your turn and good luck for the future.

Here you can be better than Tiger Woods. Have fun!

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