Flash game Power Swing

Power Swing sports game of baseball

D Power Swing covers and crowd blows up a baseball bat!

You like games or you're low tirelessly to crush your opponent? The games of the genre Mortal Kombat? Then you'll certainly appr cial this superb online flash game.

First, tired of a game by clicking on the image of game principles of the game are simple. D crowd blows up a baseball bat in Power Swing, a set of delusional cover ad on this portal flash games online combat. You face an opponent from the top of a cliff in a fight shot baseball. Each player must return to turn the ball.

The winner is the one who has r USSI eject the opponent out of the cliff.

How to Play a Power Swing?

To play is simple: use the "Z" key on your keyboard to start your swing.

Remains appuy to give more power to your "swing". Attention has support at the right time not to miss the ball. Graphics and animations of lirantes and very cartoon, you'd even see a Dragon Ball Z in the baseball world! An atmosphere completely Survolt boost e by hard rock music great. Icing on the cake, you can even play two for fighting ignited s with one of your friends.

Player 2 then use the "M" key. This game has the m rite to develop an original and very r ussia playability, short but good and plus ca d crowd! During the battle you place your character strat logically to ensure good protection according to which we will attack. Do not miss to try this particular game; It m rite all your attention!

Share your score and trust your friends now. Have fun!

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