Flash game Quickshot

Quickshot game of basketball special kick

If you like basketball and s ries free throw, then just put in the work to address your distance shots in this sports game. It is the end of the first two quarter time an NBA game and you are to sign in the audience to perform a series of s free throws. This is a Genuine v lucky that offer you since you want to be the Michael Jordan of modern times.

So do not bec of the public and won the competition to take a place in a team of NBA. You are using a basket with a basketball ball. You have to make s ries throw. Quickshot is indeed a game of throw, where you embody the role of a basketball player who must score 10 points to pass to the next step.

You have 30 seconds to score 10 points in sending the ball into the basketball hoop. Aim with the mouse and click to throw the ball. Corsican play each level. You have to score as many baskets as possible.

At each step, it is either the basketball hoop or the ball is instead of from left to right to deceive your vigilance. Then concentrated down and am movements hoop to shoot the ball at the right time. R achieves magic free throws and allows photographers to take beautiful photos for one of their newspapers Your playing time appears in the upper left of the screen, while your score is visible at the top right of the screen. Click on the 'GO' button below the screen for part of laugh.

Become the leading scorer shot three points and win your place in the team of Chigago Bulls.

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