Flash game Ragdoll Hockey Goalie

Embodies a guard cage with the sports game Ragdoll Hockey Goalie

Stop pucks before they reach your nets cages! Ragdoll Hockey Goalie is a game of hockey on low r reflexes and anticipation of the player. After choosing the nationality of your future hockey team, your objective in this fun game and also qu'insolite is to launch the ragdoll goalkeeper of sarticul around the cage and try to stop as many enemy fire as possible to lead your team to victory.

To do this, you must anticipate the trajectory of the puck is going to draw on your screen. Use your mouse to click on any part of the body or a dummy equipment as helmet, stick, gloves and leggings. Then stand by the left click your mouse to appuy cr er an imaginary line that represents the direction will present will your puppet. you have to guess if it is wiser to make a big jump or rather stay on land to catch the short strikes. Remains vigilant pucks are very fast, opens the eye and good! Show your talents hockey goalie using your body as the main shield!

You will not have the right to error, because if a puck comes to achieving your cages the game is finished for you, you have no more than to laugh with a new game to improve your score! Game Controls Ragdoll Hockey Goalie During the game, a puck will rialiser mat on your screen, you have to guess the random trajectory al latter and stop it with your puppet. To do this, help yourself mouse, brand part of the equipment of the keeper takes it with the mouse to cr st an imaginary line.

Line is more red than jump up and ask will therefore take longer.

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