Flash game Rally 2100

Rally 2100, a sports game racing

Rally 2100 a great sports game and racing is happening in the future! at the dawn of the year two thousand one hundred e, the world is totally m tamorphos the help of new technology. All devices and tools have become highly sophisticated s; aircraft, los v cars all these machines are t transform and become more powerful and faster. In this game Rally 2100, you're going to cover a race track and a vehicle v as ultra-fast spaceship.

You like racing circuit high speed, very fun game will let you test your driver s quality. The aim is to succeed Dr. control your machine has to make a perfect race while avoiding obstacles; v vehicles competing and bumps on the circuit. Use the mouse to maneuver your vehicle v from left to right while focusing you on the forms of the track not to grate.

Registered your name in the white box to identify yourself to laugh before the game Your objective is to succeed r perfect race by going through the circuit has to spend the next step. Plays your quality s professional driver keeps an eye on the map indicating the shape of the circuit and your position on the right of the screen. Anticipates turns not to grate, conducts ad quats movements with your mouse to take a time. D v password competing vehicles that you'll meet in the circuit and quickly touching not decrease your energy.

For each collision you do not have r ussis avoid your level of energy will decrease and weaken your machine. You will lose the race if you no longer have to direct your energy to the fireball. Also avoid falling over bumps that you will encounter throughout the circuit bypasses to maintain your level of energy.

The more you advance in the circuit, most competing vehicles v arise anywhere, number, quickly very quickly by manipulating the mouse with precision pr. Crossed the e arrived and earn maximum points online.

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