Flash game Renegade Racing

Renegade Racing game for fans of car racing

Being the champion, be the first to be the winner! That things that cross our minds when we participated in a contest, a tournament, championship, short, has a comp bution. Renegade Racing is a racing game exciting and very appr it. A race will start on a circuit to vitables presqu'in obstacles. You'll be in control of your car and get as opponents police and walking ice that you will no gift. For you to lead the way and win.

D fed your fireball speeding, crossed ahead of your opponents and obstacles, tunnels and ravines. To go faster you can take shortcuts that has pr senteront you. The adventure will not be easy, cross the obstacles could switch your machine. If this is the case, do not panic, just your cash balance by lifting the front wheels or rear when look in one direction or the other. Collect bonuses ECU for money and be faster than your competitors.

A num ro will appear at the top of your car, it will give each position you occupy in the race. Use the directional arrows on your keyboard to play, the top button to access the rer, the bottom to move, the right to remove the rear wheels and the left to lift the front wheels. For ex cuss loops, uses the letters A and D and jump with the space key.

You have to bump the game by clicking Play and then press 1 and Race. Left click on BUY and continues to improve the am then on the other fireball v vehicles to buy and Next Paint Job to repaint your vehicle and valid v Continue, 2 and Race.

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