Flash game Sk8park

Sk8park a set of slides on skate

D covers a fun skateboarding game in which you must combine chains to earn points. The aim is to succeed in r collect four orange skate wheels to win the game. The game sk8park, d is taxiing as labyrinth where several airplane r money are left in several places diff ent, you must succeed r has run the entire track while performing figures to earn the maximum points. You'll also encounter obstacles that you must avoid in order not to fall and lose points; puddles tire. D shows your talent skateborder r ussissant extraordinary figures.

Control the movement of your player using the arrows on your keyboard to steer in all directions. Picks up speed, pressing the space button to jump and mounted on the launch pad to stick to. Once you jump, simultaneous support ing the N button to perform a spin or the M button r to achieve a hand plant. For ex cuter air trick pressing the space key then press the M button for each figure you ar r ussis achieve, you can collect a certain number of points.

Figure a jump allows you to collect a thousand dollars, a figure r ussia plant allows you to earn five hundred dollars, and a slide or spin r USSI will allow you to earn two and one hundred dollars. You will have total two hundred seconds to find all four wheels oranges before the time exhaustion. Climb on your skateboard, maneuver your player to drop quickly calculates your movements well to know at what point do your collection quickly and figures all four wheels.

Earns the most money to increase your score before the stopwatch and wins.

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