Flash game Slamdunk

Slamdunk a basketball game point and click

Participated in a tournament kick a little sp cial in Slamdunk, the game of basketball. The public awaits you and your c Lebres penalty basketball hoop. The crowd watching you carefully and you have to keep your composure to become a genuine v basketball icon.

How many basketball hoops you'll achieve a reach in the space of just a few seconds. D covers, noting that d fi who asks the agility and the rapidity and precision pr. Only a face your destiny and basket, you must use a pr absolute precision to achieve a score as much as possible in the time allotted for the challenge.

In this basketball game you need to score as many basket as possible before the end of the lap, you have to mark a number to the next level. To aim just press SHOOT when the green light comes on. Inimitable and very pr cis dou, you must achieve a score many times during the allotted time. Tries to score as many times as you can.

To shoot, help yourself wallboard bottom of your screen. D s flashing light that reaches the green, make your run to score. If you throw the beyond or before the green light, you miss your cart. You butes of the Level 1 and r succeed you must go to a 7 balloons in the kernel in 30 seconds lap. The more you volues in Level the more baskets a mark increases.

To start your free throws, click the Start Game button. Concentrate to get all your shots in the hoop. Become the new Tony Parker of your team triumphed and won the final e. May be you can feel your team represented the great tournament of NBA free throw.

Good luck!

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