Flash game Sports Heads Basketball

Sports Heads Basketball game sports, agility and basketball

You measure champions in basketball Basketball game Sports Heads sport, agility, and basketball!

Faces the greatest players in the history of basketball, Shaq O'Real, Michael Gordan, Kobe Tyrant and other Basketball in Sports Heads! Find the big heads of s rie Sports Heads in the world of basketball this time. Watch all your talents and win 10 games that make up the championship in solo mode. Will you be able to master the enthroned dunk and 3 points? To find out, one thing to do: come and try your luck in Sports Basketball Heads!

How to Play a Basketball Sports Heads?

To play Basketball Sports Heads is very easy! Click "Play" to start the game, click "New game" if you want to play against the computer; click on "2 player" if you want to play with a friend! In solo mode, you'll have to win 10 matches against stronger one than the other opponents. For you to place, use the directional arrows on the keyboard: the "right" keys "left" forward or backward and the "up" button to jump.

Use the spacebar to kick the ball! You can jump on the springboard for a super jump, but the platform will take a few seconds to recharge. The aim is to succeed in r score the most points: like a normal game, if you score for your half basketball court, thou shalt a three points.

Other baskets count for 2 points. You can also use bonuses, by reaching with the ball: Attention, only the green ments are bonuses, the red ments are penalties and p naliseront if you send the ball over; ments to the yellow p nalize them will you and your opponent.

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