Flash game SQRL Golf

SQRL Golf is a sport game delirant

D covers a very fun game of golf. Golf is a sport in which you must succeed in bringing r small white ball into a hole. In this game you have the possibility to use several kinds of bats to hit the ball, but be careful that you use each bat has its own sp cificit s. The goal is to be a good shooter for r clever succeed to hit the ball over a long distance. In this game golf sqrl the principle remains the same, but small white balls are replaced by captured squirrels are out on the trees of the forest. Do play your address and your decision pr r ussissant all your keystrokes.

Your goal for the next level is to get three squirrels in the hole. You will have a total of six squirrels a shoot, do not miss no test of your keystrokes. To play use the mouse to grab a squirrel upholds the right SEATED mouse button instead of the down to the tip and release to ask for it. Then observed the location and the distance of the hole. Oriente your shooting angle by choosing which one will be more e align the hole.

Click and keeps the bar below to have a good typing angle. Measure also the power of your strikes, expects the bar on your left situ e is the maximum level and then quickly support the space button on your keyboard to send the squirrel toward the hole. You must be very clever because the hole is quite loign.

R for each of your keystrokes succeed chosen the right angle, and plays on the speed and power strikes to win. For every keystroke r ussia you can score a dozen points. Do play your pr decision and sends each squirrel in the hole so acc der laughing at sup.

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