Flash game Supreme Darts

Supreme Darts, agility and precision in this game dart

Supreme Darts is a game in which fl chette you needs pr precision and agility You want to improve your skills and become an ace-of shooting fl chettes? Come and play a Supreme Dart. In this game you will have to show great skill to hit the target in the center. The game is to roll in a spatial universe with a round board targeted. Warning: the target is not a fixed point, it swings from left to right and you have a touch r succeed in the middle to score points.

Not to miss your shots, you must choose at what time to trigger your shots or follow the movements of the target. To play extreme Dart uses the mouse to move your weapon and follow the movements of the target, click the red button to launch the arrow. The game sick with a countdown of three hundred one point, you have to bring this r succeed ro az score to win. For each arrow that hits the center of the target score you marks will be subtracted from the total score to boot. You have a total number of thirty arrows you have to send in the direction of the target with precision pr.

Do not miss any of your shots, and you do not hasten too, you will not be limited by time. Concentrate, keep the swaying movements of the target and latch your shot at the right time to achieve the medium and thus score points. ca will not be easy, you must combine speed and precision pr to reach your target. Point your mouse over your weapon to the place and to move towards the right direction, although the observed location of the center of the target and have a clear shot.

Do not waste your arrows pulling in the vacuum envelope of a good shooting technique and r ussis part of cover to the next level.

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