Flash game Word Sailing

Word Sailing sports game, puzzle and educational

D covers Word Sailing Chat now has to sail a boat by forming words!

You're a fan of sports games? This is the most fun you'll make Olympic dream game without doubt both among others.

The game Word Sailing is a sport game very class that works your physical activity and intellectual as well as involving marine vessels advancing thanks to the piece of fabric sistantes r, undergoing the action of wind and Another task was placed on a grid for this purpose pr tokens, marked out a letter to form words. You will choose the boat of your choice from Webster SS SS SS Shakespeare and Wordsworth to this comp bution. Thou shalt make a choice as to the type of game in Action Race (Course of Action). You can make words at any time! By then in Race Turns (Course For Tours), takes the time to make the best possible word.

Finally, Puzzle, here you play alone and you will try to finish the race in 10 words.

How to Play a Word Sailing?

To finish and start a game you will choose the level of difficulty from Easy, Medium and Difficult.

If you aim your choice Easy, get St Thomas as point of both Anguilla arrived as point e. It is no necessary for you to master English as both the only way to form words has 8 letters that will move your boat no g ant to the final destination. The game is a game Word Sailing Sport very sumptuous. Play ds now has this sports simulation shows your address with your boat to pass your opponents to get to the first place and be the new champion of the race.

Good luck and good game!

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