Flash game XGolf

XGolf sports game of golf and agility

D covers XGolf Chat now ar succeed the mini golf course!

If you are a fan of sports games, you appr cieras undoubtedly XGolf a sport very pleasant to play. Golf is a sport of precision pr is playing outdoors.

It is to send a ball into a hole using clubs. S clubs are used to hit a ball. There are three types of clubs which are made of iron, wood and putter. The purpose of this practice is to perform a d finished, the fewest strokes possible route. The cisons pr, endurance, and concentration technicality are quality s essential for this activity. In XGolf, you participate in a game of mini golf.

How to play a XGolf?

Hit the ball with your club to reach the hole in the fewest moves. It is very simple to use, the mouse of your computer, you have the possibility of s handle the ball with your club. With the mouse, click on the ball to select the location of your hand. Then to finish the direction it should take and the power of the shot.

Click to send in the hole. This, of course in the fewest moves. However, if you're in place, you can also put you to the mouse to adjust the direction and power of your swing, and then click to shoot the ball to the hole destiny.

You int Reta exercise pr decision of technicality and endurance to achieve ar alis minimum of shots to come to the end of the 18-hole course. At the top of the screen, the information you provide information on the number of shots ar achieve and your current number of shots. Great game of mini-golf, choose the power and direction to put the golf ball in the hole.

A good mini golf game for all lovers of the sport of golf class and very easy to practice. Please plunge forward and pass very good time with this sports game. Good luck new Tiger Woods!

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